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June 14, 2013
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    You were innocent. That was the first thought Vladimir had come across when he had seen you carelessly chatting away in some shop or another. He remembered having to pause in his step to take a second look, his head tilting as his curiosity peaked. (H/l) (h/c) locks cascaded down from your head as you cradled your chin in your hand. A small smile appeared when he again realized your innocence.

    And then your (e/c) orbs were directed towards him, one of your eyebrows raised as a cute smile played on your lips.

    And then he was simply... gone. Disappeared. Leaving the both of you rather flustered, and one of you more than a little confused. However, you had turned your head back towards that of your friends after a moment, trying to forget the strange man and focus on the here and now. What you weren't trying to focus on, was that of what your future would hold.

    For possibly the hundredth time since Vladimir had been dating you, he felt you place both your hands on his cheeks and stare directly at him, eyes squinting. "I swear... I remember seeing you somewhere, Vlad," you mumbled, looking his profile up and down.

    And, because this scenario was something he was so used to, he replied with the same response he always did. "We have been dating for... two years now?" he couldn't help but chuckle as your eyes rolled back.

    "Yes, haha," you replied dryly, releasing his face with a small smile of your own.

    Vladimir suddenly wrapped his arms around you, pushing your back onto the mattress, caging you right were you lay by placing a hand on either side of your head. His cherry lips close to yours, his hair falling down in front of his face, his eyes looking straight into yours.

    Slowly, you managed to reach up, placing your fingers gently on his cheek, smiling sweetly. "I love you," you whispered, pecking his lips.

    It wasn't as if it was a big secret. It had taken you a while, of course, for both of you to actually realize the feeling, and then even longer to actually say it out loud, but once it had been said, it was as if that was the only barrier that stood between the two of you. The three words came so easily now, and whenever you thought about just how natural it felt to say it to Vladimir you couldn't help yourself from smiling.

    "I love you," he said, quietly, sincerely, as he let his lips graze yours, his hands trailing gently up your side, sending small shivers down the length of your spine.

    You waited a moment, simply looking his features over. "Vlad?" you suddenly questioned, pecking his lips again.

    He managed a quiet hum, much more interested in running his hands down your hips as he kissed down your jaw every so often.

    You couldn't help but smile at even the thought of your next question, but you still managed to get it out despite both your giddiness you felt and the distraction that Vlad was causing. "Will you show me a magic trick?" you tried to sound sweet seeing as he could chose to say no. He had denied you this request before when he was too tired or simply didn't feel like it.

    Slowly removing his lips from your skin he looked down at you, a small smirk on his lips. "A magic trick?" he question, humor laced in the words.

    "Please," you batted your eyes up at him, smiling gently and pecking his lips.

    Shaking his head, tousling his hair in the process, Vlad managed a small smile. "Alright then, (y/n)," he rolled his body off of yours, kneeling on the bed you both were laying on.

    Eagerly, you sat up, your eyes alight like a child's on Christmas eve. The first time you had seen him perform his little magic tricks, you were completely and utterly hooked. You loved how he could make objects appear in the palm of his hand, how he could, with a simple wink make his hat disappear, or change the color of his shirt. He, of course, told you they were just simple little tricks, that magic didn't exist, but a part of you, no matter how irrational, had this feeling that it wasn't a simple trick, that your wonderful boyfriend was indeed magical.

    One of his hands disappeared behind his back, a mischievous smirk in his eyes as his other hand was held up, close to his cheek.

    You looked behind him, seeing there was nothing in his hand behind his back before righting yourself, beaming. "Alright," you chirped, used to this routine.

    His fingers snapped and suddenly his hand was out from behind his back, holding a small bouquet of your favorite flowers. Handing it to you with a grin, he watched as you grabbed the flowers, holding them close to your chest and inhaling their scent, sighing happily.

    You leaned forward, placing a sweet kiss on his cheek, "Thanks, Vlad," you practically sang. He really could be romantic... Especially when it came to you. He had been taught from an early age that girls liked sweet, romantic things, and it seemed whenever he did something even remotely sweet, you shinned, and he loved to see you that happy. It had become something of his goal, to make you that happy.

    "One more," he smirked as his hand again went behind his back while his other snapped, but when he withdrew his hand, all that was in it was a small, cardboard box that was tied with a ribbon of your favorite color.

    He handed this too to you as well, an air of knowing something you didn't surrounding him. You lay down your flowers carefully as you took the box in hand, slowly opening it. The ribbon soon discarded, you opened the box only to find a smaller one inside.

    You laughed, pulling out this new box out and opening it, expecting to find yet another box inside, but you were wrong. A small, gold ring was nested inside this box, embedded with a diamond. Nothing too large at all, it was simplicity in itself, and it was beautiful.

    You looked up, your eyes wide, your mouth agape to ask just what this was. However, you found Vladimir on one knee, that same mischievous glint in his eyes as he raised a single eyebrow almost teasingly.

    "I know I'm nothing special," he started, letting a quiet chuckle leave his lips.

    But he found he couldn't continue. You launched yourself at him, meeting your lips with his for a brief moment before parting, happy laughs somehow appearing from out between your lips.

    Looking into his eyes, beaming as he slipped the ring on your finger, you gave him his answer.

    "Yes," you said, breathlessly. Not sure there was any other word you might manage to speak.

Alright. This is another request, and this one is for :iconrockgothprincess: who wanted a RomaniaxReader in which she got proposed to~ So yay~ It is all finished and stuff. XD
I'm trying to finish these requests pretty quickly because today I'm going over to a friends... and possibly the day after tomorrow... So I might not be able to post anything for a day or two... Sorry about that.
Anyway! Today I also hope to post a JapanxReader and if the writing Gods bless me a GermanyxReader. XD Wish me luck~

Hetalia isn't mine.
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