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June 11, 2013
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    He was late coming home, again. He had even texted you telling you he was about to leave over three hours ago, and then he had texted you back ten minutes later apologizing for the tardiness he knew was going to come. Arthur's boss had been doing this more and more frequently it seemed, you were beginning to let yourself think you never even got to see him for more than an hour at a time, and that alone could hurt even the closest of marriages.

    You sighed, shaking your head and letting some strands of your (h/c) hair fall in front of your face, resting your palms on the cool surface of the mattress. You had stayed up waiting for him every single night this week and it was taking a toll on you. Perhaps you would just lay down for a quick nap, shut your eyes for just a moment to regain just an hour of the sleep you had lost this previous week.

    Slowly you lowered your body down, relishing the way the mattress seemed to hug your body close to it, enveloping you as the comforter warmed your body. Normally you would have smiled, but without Arthur's warm body there to curl up next to, all you really managed was a putout sigh as you let your eyelids close over your (e/c) irises, hoping that when you woke the circles underneath your eyes would have disappeared.
    It was only about half an hour after you had fallen asleep that Arthur's key slid into the lock of the front door. You, of course, didn't hear, or you would have jumped up to meet him with a large hug as he opened the door. It was almost a ritual by now.

    Whenever he got home late you would hug him tight, loving the way how even though he was exhausted, he would hold your body securely against his, and then you would peck his cheek, maybe his lips, and then go and make him some tea to relax him. Sometimes you would even curl up on the couch afterwards, watching Doctor Who or Sherlock as you leaned up against him, physically feeling him unwind after a long day. Then you would go to bed.

    Needless to say, whenever the door was opened and you weren't there to greet him, Arthur Kirkland was rather surprised.

    "(Y/n)?" he called, stepping foot into the house, letting his emerald eyes dart about the area. He could find you nowhere in the nearby area. His large eyebrows furrowed together in slight confusion.

    His briefcase was set down on the floor as he locked the door behind him, throwing his key onto the table, not really bothering to care about where they landed. Your name again left his lips, his accent, thicker than usual because of his fatigue, coating the single word.

    He looked in the kitchen, the living room, even the porch outside. As he walked back into the living room, it suddenly clicked in his mind where you were. On the armrest of the couch, there was a half-cup of now-cold tea left. You must have fallen asleep... you were never one to just let good tea go to waste.

    Quickly, he headed back towards your shared bedroom, finding you sprawled out on the bed, your hair fanning out on the surface of the pillow your head rested on, a leg protruding out from underneath the blanket that covered your body. Small moans left your lips as you tossed your head back and forth, and suddenly Arthur felt a pang of guilt.

    Slowly, as not to wake you, he made his way over to the bed, sitting down on the edge and brushing some hair back from your face. It was because of him you were like this... You would stay up late waiting for him, and he knew you were tired, yet you would always make him his tea and always wore that sweet smile of yours so as to dismiss any worry he might of had beforehand.

    As he continued to move back pieces of your hair your breathing began to slow down and the turning of your head ceased. Eventually, a slight smile even turned up your lips and a sigh escaped your lips.

    "Arthur..." you mumbled, not opening your eyes, your body too lost in the recesses of sleep.

    When he saw that you were more peacefully asleep he couldn't help but smile. Checking the time he sighed, looking down at his shoes. He had to put a stop to this. He had promised you when you had agreed to marry him that he would not let his work ever get in the way of your relationship, that you would always come first, and here you were, exhausted, and all because of his workload.

    With an air of determination, Arthur stood up, walking out of the room as he dug his hand into his jacket pocket, pulling out his cell phone and dialing his workplace. He would make it up to you...
    You groaned as you slowly woke up, although your eyes remaining closed. You didn’t want to open them so that any light could enter your eyes, that would surely wake you up and you weren’t so sure you wanted to be woken yet. Drowsily, you moved your arm further around this... pillow? No... body. You opened your eyes, looking up. Arthur.

    You smiled sleepily as you looked over his face. Strands of his shaggy blonde hair hung in his eyes, his expression peaceful. Your gaze wandered further down, to his exposed chest where light muscles were gently sketched into the skin. Hugging him gently, as not to wake him up, you let your body mold to his, relaxing. You loved waking up before he had to go to work, seeing him this calm was somehow soothing to you.

    Although, everyone had to wake up eventually, and wanting to know just when you had to, you shifting your body, turning your head to look at the digital clock on the bedside table. 9:00! Your eyes widened. Oh, God. You were both late for work.

    Hating yourself for waking him up, you forced yourself to gently shake his shoulder. "Arthur... Arty. You're going to be late!" You didn't want him staying at work even later than usual...

    Slowly, his eyes opened, his foggy green eyes looking down at you as one of his bushy eyebrows shot up. "What?" he said the word slowly, confused, his mind obviously still in the rebooting phase.

    "It's nine in the morning!" You made a move to get up, but found yourself pulled back to Arthur's bare chest. Looking up, you found a small smirk on his face.

    "Love, I called in. I'm staying home today..." one of his hands came up to brush your hair out of your face before he cupped your cheek, running his thumb across your cheekbone. "I told you... when we were married... that you would always come first, and then I come home and you are simply exhausted and just because you stay up for me. We both needed a break..." he spoke gently, softly. The effects of the morning still evident.

    You couldn't help but smile, both at his words and the gesture he had made just for you. You reached up, touching your fingertips lightly to his cheek, causing your ring to spark in the morning light that managed to come in through the curtains. "Arty..." you sighed out happily, raising your head up to kiss him gently.

    One of his palms skated down your sides, pulling you gently to his warm, bare chest as his lips moved against yours. Even after you had broken your lips apart, just one look into his deep emerald eyes let you know that today would be a stay in bed day, and you had to say that you were looking forward to it.

    “You are beautiful, (f/n) Kirkland...”
Well I posted that journal offering requests and such but then I wanted to take a break and write something I wanted to~ And England is my favorite character so...~
Basically, this whole scenario is what I think about whenever I am laying in bed at night and I feel lonely... It is just nice to think about curling up with someone, y'know~?

Hetalia doesn't belong to me~
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