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June 12, 2013
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    Spoiled. If you thought enough about it, you could see just how spoiled you were, and it was all because of him. Toris, your wonderfully sweet, shy husband. Anything you wanted, he would get it for you. Anything he thought would make you more comfortable, he did. He was, without a doubt, a saint.

    As you thought about this, you drummed your fingers on your larger than usual stomach, lounging back on the couch. He was sweet when you were dating, and even more sweet once you had agreed to marry him, and now that you were pregnant with his child, he managed to be even more sweet than you thought the whole of the world's population could be.

    You couldn't help but to smile when you thought of him. His longer, shaggy brown hair that was simply delightful to run your fingers through. His green eyes that sparkled just enough to be noticeable whenever he smiled. Even his thin frame managed to come off as cute to you.

    As a wave of sudden nausea rolled over you, your hand darted out, grabbing your glass of water that you had set beside you for this exact purpose. Chugging down a good half of the beverage you let your lips leave the glass, sighing out as your eyes closed. It was too late for this, it really was. You rested your head against the couch, closing your eyes and groaning.  

    “Come on... Don’t do that, baby...” you muttered, rubbing small circles on your stomach in attempt to soothe the small child growing inside you. You already loved it more than what was imaginable, and you couldn’t wait to actually see your baby, but that didn’t mean you appreciated the nausea that came with the pregnancy, but still, a light smile drifted onto your face at the thought of seeing your baby.

    “(Y/n)?” a soft, humble voice came from the direction of your bedroom.
You grunted slightly, shifting to look as Toris approached you, slight worry on his face. He walked over to you and sat down gently on the edge of the couch bringing  you into his arms as he did so while running a hand smoothly down your back. “Is everything alright...?” You could tell he was still drowsy, his need for sleep was laced in heavily with every word that came out of his mouth. You worried if you had woken him.

    “It’s just the baby...” you whispered, looking up at him with a small smile. “She’s acting up again...”

    At the world she, you saw Toris’ expression change to that of a prideful one. When you had told him about the gender of the child for the very first time, he had taken a moment to actually process the fact before beaming and throwing his arms around you, hugging you more tightly to his body than he ever had before.

    You felt his hand splay out across your stomach, a soft, sleepy smile on his face. “Is there anything you want?” he addressed this question to you, a tilt to his head that was always present whenever he thought he might have to act as your personal butler.

    You couldn’t help but let a small giggle escape your lips at the look. He just looked so sweet and innocent. “I’m fine... But thank you,” you said quietly, finally beginning to feel your baby calm down. Looking down at his hand, you placed your own hand on top of it. “She always calms down around her father...” you said almost whimsically, leaning against Toris’ thinly framed chest, enjoying the way his body always shifted to allow you maximum comfort. It was just another way he showed you how much he loved you without using a single word. He really was an amazing man.

    Again, that proud smile. His lips met yours in a chaste kiss, leaning back on the couch. “Did you want to go back to bed?” he said quietly, his fingers entwining themselves in your hair, gently running the appendages through it absentmindedly.  

    You hummed in a content sort of way, letting your eyes close over your (e/c) irises. “Can we just stay here for a minute?” you asked him gently. You didn’t want to yet leave his sweet, yet somehow strong embrace. You didn’t know if you could gather the willpower to leave the warmth of his body.

    You felt his chest reverberate with a slight chuckle. “We can do whatever you want...” he said quietly, knowing that you were probably going to fall asleep. It was early in the morning, three or so. He would just stay with you for a few hours, then he could start breakfast.

    You let out a happy sigh, words escaping you for a moment. You wanted to tell him how much you loved him, appreciated him. You wanted to somehow sum up in just a few words how good he could be to you without ever asking anything back from you but your love, but instead, you fell asleep.

    Smiling his soft, shy smile down at your peaceful sleeping face, he bent down, brushing his lips lovingly against your forehead. Quietly, he whispered in your ear, “I love you, my girls...” feeling a soft kick applied to the palm of his hand that still lay on his stomach before no movement was felt at all.

    It was with that Toris lay his head back on the couch, being able to fall asleep with the reassuring thought that his two girls had already done so.  
Alright! This be is a request from the wonderful :iconspoonychan87:
Sorry it is a bit late! This took a bit longer than anticipated. >///<

First time writing for the adorable Lithuania so I hope I got him at least alright! I know he is usually more shy, but I feel like since you are both married to him and have been impregnated by him... the shyness might wear off a tad. XD
Hetalia doesn't belong to me...
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