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August 11, 2013
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    You sighed, crossing one of your bare legs over the other as you watched your rather attractive German boyfriend run around the nearby track. Fanning yourself with one hand, you tilted your head back, closing your eyes, a groan leaving your lips. When Ludwig had told you he would be going out for a quick jog, you had made the mistake of taking him literally. It had been an hour. In this heat.

    Your tongue ran over your lips as you leveled your head, raising a hand up to touch the frames of your heavily tinted sunglasses, sliding them slowly down the bridge of your nose just enough so your piercing (e/c) gaze could look over the accessory. You let yourself smirk just barely as you caught sight of your boyfriend. He had taken his shirt off only moments after you two had gotten here, and you had to say that you didn't object.

    The track was close to where you sat, the small, paved, oval, sitting only a few feet away from you. Continuing to keep your glasses perched on the edge of your nose, you watched as Ludwig neared the curve of the track that you were sitting at. You could see the thin layer of sweat that covered his muscular chest, something that was only natural when considering the weather. His usually slicked-back, blonde hair wasn't as orderly as he probably would have preferred, some strands flying free in his face as he jogged closer to you.

    Smirking, you tapped your sunglasses back up your nose, propping yourself up on your elbows. You saw your boyfriend slow his jog as he approached you, the muscles on his legs clenching less often. Eventually, he fully stopped right beside your chair, his chest rising and falling quickly as he panted. Your lips parted as a soft laugh left your throat, your eyes roaming his body.

    Apparently not able to speak quiet yet without every word being separated by a heavy breath, Ludwig simply raised an eyebrow at you, questioning just what was so funny. You decided to go without answering his silent question, instead reaching down on the other side of your reclined chair, grabbing one of the water bottles that sat nestled in the grass. You handed the German his, again letting out a soft laugh as you watched him immediately take a large swig of the chilled water, probably hoping for some sort of relief from the heat.

    You relaxed, letting your arm dangle off the side of your chair so you could reach your bottle. Holding the water in front of your face for a moment, you swirled the bottle in something of a circle, hearing the water inside slosh with each movement you made.

    Suddenly breaking out of this sort of water bottle trance you had apparently gotten yourself into, was a content sigh that came from your boyfriend. Looking up, you finally allowed yourself to remove your sunglasses, shaking out your hair in the process. "Hot?" The single-worded question was fired up towards the tall, muscular man in a joking sort of way.

    You heard him give a soft grunt before actually answering you. "Five miles in zhis veazher vill make anybody's temperature rise."

    The answer was rather gruff, which only meant sense of course. After all, he had been exercising during a heatwave, all the while feeling the exhaustion of the work day bear down on him. However, even while knowing all of this, you couldn't begin to think about letting him somehow get away with talking to you like that.

    You stretched your arms above your head, feeling the tendons pull, relaxing you even further as you arched your back. And then you were up, bare feet firmly planted on the ground as you looked up at Ludwig Beilschmidt in a way that could be considered sassy. Then, perhaps just as quickly as you had stood up to face your boyfriend,  you uncapped your bottle, pouring the water inside the container all over his head.

    After you had dropped your now-empty bottle onto the ground, you watched in slight amusement as Ludwig connected his pale blue eyes to yours. Droplets of water wet his hair, dripped down his chiseled jaw, down his tan, toned chest. In attempt to distract yourself from the very attractive, wet man who stood in front of you, you fired off with a smirk, "Better?"

    In the few moments of silence that followed you felt a small amount of doubt flash in your mind. Maybe the action you had just committed, the one you had thought of as being rather comical, had possibly been wrong. All this doubt was suddenly swept to the side, however, when Ludwig shot you a small, almost hidden smirk. "Vell... If you are going to be like zhat..." He moved closer, so close in fact that you could feel his breath lightly hitting against your pair of red lips. "You'll have to be punished."

    The feeling of soaking wet fabric clinging to your goosebump-ridden skin was the first thing you registered. The second thing you registered as you opened your eyes, the eyes you assumed you had closed on instinct when you saw that water was about to hit you, was the devious, and rather rare, smirk that Ludwig had dawned.

    Shooting a short jet of air out of your mouth, you rid yourself of the spare drops of water threatening to come into your mouth before you spoke. "Ludwig... Beilschmidt." You pushed against his chest, knowing it wouldn't do much good. Not with his build. "That was not very gentlemanly of you." You raised an eyebrow, taking a half step closer to him, your chests practically touching. "I'll want an apology."

    Raising one of his own, pale eyebrows, you saw five of his big, calloused fingers run through his hair, making it almost as messy as you liked to see it. "I'm afraid zhat you started zhat... var of sorts, (y/n)." His tone wasn't teasing, after all, he wasn't one to tease, yet you somehow knew he meant the words he spoke to be somehow endearingly.

    "I can end it too," you boasted, trying to contain a small laugh as you stood on your toes, attempting to shrink the height advantage Ludwig presented you with.

    Ludwig could hear the playful tilt to your voice, and as his sharp gaze traced every contour of your face, he could feel his heartbeat begin to beat just a fraction faster, and this time he couldn't blame it on just finishing his run. You managed to do this to him. Make him... less cross. Less defensive. Less... worried. The feeling was even welcomed now, not that he would ever admit it.

    "Is zhat so..."

    Now both of his eyebrows were raised, his face getting only a fraction of a bit closer to yours, something he wasn't entirely aware of.

    "Ja," you teased, bringing your arms up to wrap loosely around his broad, bare shoulders, now pressing your entire frame to his, watching as the familiar pink tinge appeared across his cheeks. And then you were kissing him. Your lips pressed almost hungrily to his, your fingers entangling themselves in his hair. You had always been like this around him, seeing as he wasn't going to be the one to always make the first move, so you took the initiative most of the time.

    As always, he hesitated for only a moment before kissing you back, almost hesitantly, but still you enjoyed it, and that was not to say Ludwig didn't enjoy it either. He always loved kissing you, however unprofessional it might make him look. Around you he didn't have to be some stuffy, military sort of man, he could let himself show affection, even if it wasn't that often.

    As you drew back from the kiss, just enough to show a small smirk, Ludwig found himself cupping your cheek, bringing you back to his lips, only wanting you away from him for mere seconds. You were his guilty pleasure... and right now, he wanted to indulge in you as much as he could.
Right. Well I've been having yet another bad span of time that is filled with my horrible writer's block, and the short seconds that I managed to grasp at a string of words I actually liked, it was for my novel.
Anyway! You probably don't want to hear about that. XD So I had started this story a week or so ago, and I thought I would finish writing it before I started on my commission.
This was a request from :iconmoonbladethebook: who wanted a water fight of some sort... I hope she likes it! :D I think it is kinda sweet so~ :) I hope he isn’t too out of character or anything!
I'm also thinking about maybe entering it in a contest I found! :D
I’ll try to continue writing, but school is coming up soon so... No promises.
Hetalia isn’t mine~
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