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June 10, 2013
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    "If you're not afraid of it, then why don't you play it?"

    It was that simple sentence that had gotten him into all of this. It was what had caused him to even accept a challenge, and now here he was, hours later, legs crossed under him, gaze intently fixated on the screen of your television as his thumbs rapidly went around hitting buttons.

    A loud, Italian curse rang through the room as the man's current controller was flung to the ground. You couldn't help but dawn a superior smirk as you looked towards the flustered man. You set your controller down, raising your arm to the back of your head to raise up bits of your hair so you could get some air to the back of your neck.

    "I thought you said you were good at video games..." You couldn't help but poke at Lovino. It could just be too easy sometimes.

    He twisted his head to the side, looking at you in an unamused fashion. It had taken you quite some time, but eventually you had managed to get to the point in your relationship where you could tease without exactly getting your head bitten off.

    "It wasn't my fault! It's this stupid game!" he glowered at you, running his fingers through his red-brown hair, careful to avoid his curl as he looked distastefully towards the controller he discarded only moments ago. "It must have a glitch or something," He mumbled, knowing himself that the excuse wasn't one of his best.

    You snickered, stretching your legs and curling your toes as you let out a sigh, popping up after a moment, glancing at a clock. "Jesus. It's been four hours straight..." you looked down at the Italian. "How many times did you die again?"

    "Shut up," he mumbled, standing up as well, pulling his arms back behind him and rolling his shoulders. He too looked at the clock, as if for confirmation. "I've been here for too long," he groaned.

    You looked towards him, smiling. "It hasn't really been that long!" Well it hadn't really seemed like it was that long anyway, it must have been your winning streak. "I mean... we have time for at least one more game," you said with a wink.

    Lovino scoffed, rolling his eyes as he walked over to your front door, picking up his jacket on the way. "No way, (y/n). I've wasted too much time on this stupid game already."

    You raced after him, latching yourself onto his arm. "Please, Lovi!" you begged, using the nickname only he allowed you to use. "Just one more round! I'm sure you'll do better," you smirking up at him, winking playfully.

    A hint of pink appeared on his cheeks at your wink, but the way he rolled his eyes reminded you that this was your Lovino. Stubborn, a bit harsh, but yours, and you were happy for it to be that way.

    You suddenly found it was not you that had a hold on him, but the other way around as you were dragged by your wrist back over to the gaming console. "Fine, but just once more. So I can show you I was just taking it easy on you," he grumbled, picking up his controler, sitting down on your couch with a determined face as he started the game over.

    The room, in no time at all, was filled with the sound of buttons being harshly pushed as well as curses and exclamations being exchanged. Every once in awhile, when it looked like he was about to beat you, you would push your shoulder against his, jostling him just enough to continue your winning streak.

    Eventually, Lovino shot a quick look at you out of the corner of his eyes before again looking at the screen. He was so close to beating you... And he just needed to win one match for you to finally leave him alone about the whole thing, but even he had to admit that you were good.

    Again, his gaze flicked over to you and he suddenly dawned a smirk. Forgetting his controller for a moment, he leaned over and passionately pressed his lips to yours, pushing your back against the couch. You stood stock still for a moment, not really knowing how to react to such an action. You were still slightly curious about how you had come to quick playing video games...

    And then he was gone, his thumbs rapidly pressing on his controler, and then the game was done. He had won. You just looked at the screen, wide-eyed before turning to Lovino, glaring.

    "My game!" you practically growled, dropping the controller. "You messed up... my game."

    His eyebrows raised slightly. "I didn't do anything," he stated with a smirk. "I was just better. I told you I had been taking it easy on you."

    You crawled towards him on the couch until you were right in front of him. "You could have at least had the decency to ask me out before kissing me, bastard..." you said in a false stern voice, allowing a small smile to surface on your face.

    Wrapping his arms around you and pulling you into his lap that familiar pink just barely returned to his cheeks. "Fine... Go out with me?"

    You grinned. "I'll think about it," you managed to laugh out, happily pressing your lips against his for a split second before parting, a smirk on your lips. "You owe me a rematch."
Alright! Second request of the day. After this I think I may stop writing or else my head will freaking explode. I wanted to finish this for :iconbichesrsnichesnstich: because this will be her first ever completed request~ Tadaa~ Hope you like it~

Anyways. She requested for the reader to be a bit more of a tomboy and for the story to include video games so here we are~ Hope I got Romano on target, character-wise. I'm always afraid I'm either making him too sweet or too mean. >_<
Hetalia isn't mine... Too bad.
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