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June 9, 2013
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    You sat, legs crossed, window open, nose in a book. Your eyes scanned the page almost greedily, not being able to put this book in particular down. Action, romance, twists, you couldn't believe how lucky you had been to stumble across this particular series. This book, being the last of the trilogy was captivating your every sense. In fact, somewhere back inside the recesses of your mind, you were pretty positive you had let your tea get cold, but that was of no matter now. Hungrily, you drank in the words as you neared the last few pages of the book, the final book, and you could feel your pulse quickening, your legs move closer to your body as you further managed to curl yourself up in your library's loveseat. The author managed to save it until just now to have the minor love interest fully blossom, thee real plot diminishing. As the pair neared towards the other, touching lips in a way that was described as nothing but extraordinary. Finishing the last sentence, you let a shaky sigh leave your lips as you sniffed, closing the book with a definitive 'thump.' You let your hands cup your cheeks, closing your eyes as you let yourself reconsider the entire series. All the plot twists and all the sudden action induced scenes, all the sweet kisses the pair shared. The author had such a way with words.

    You let a smile tilt up your red lips as you stood up, resting the book lovingly on the couch cushion of your seat just before you gingerly took your tea cup into your hands, feeling the cool glass press into your palms you decided you should probably warm up your drink. You made your way to the kitchen, again mulling over all the books in your mind. You hadn't read anything that good in for what seemed like forever. It was a nice change from the other books that were either too slow with starting, or books that actually had no plot at all when you really looked at them. You entered your kitchen, deciding to pour out the tea you already had, seeing as how it was mostly honey and tea leaves now. You went to the tap, getting some water in your cup and sloshing it around before pouring it out, the fastest way you knew how to clean your cup out, and then you set it down, letting the glass clink on the countertop. Letting yourself hum quietly to no one in particular you rummaged around in your cabinet, sifting through boxes of tea until you found one that was suitable to your tastes. Suddenly, though, you found yourself unable to do much of anything else as a dog practically attacked your leg with its body, trying to stop its rapid pace by skidding on the floors, colliding with your leg. You were jostled, and in a move of desperation you gripped the counter, turning to smile at the dog at your feet whose tail was wagging as its tongue lolled out of its mouth.

    You felt yourself smile as well as you knelt down onto the floor, forgetting your drink for a moment as you scratched the dog behind its ears, down its back, and anywhere else you could easily reach. Before long, you heard quick and heavy footsteps approaching you. Your eyes darted up to the door just in time to see a muscular figure skid in, in someway a similar fashion as his dogs. His light blue eyes scanned your body quickly as he moved forward, swiftly grabbing his dog by the scruff of his neck, scolding it quietly as he looked up at you sheepishly. He obviously had still not quite gotten as used to your presence as his dogs had. Your boxes, filled with various items of yours could still be found around the rather large house.

    Yes, Ludwig Beilschmidt had invited you to live with him, and the way he had asked you made it impossible to say no, not that you would have in the first place. He had asked with such a tinge to his cheeks, his eyes averted, overall innocent despite his large, muscular figure. Just thinking about it made you smile, and that is what you did now.

    You smiled sweetly at Ludwig. “Don’t worry... I’m used to dogs,” you laughed, moving closer to the German and his dog so that you could run your hand down the length of the animal’s body.

    Ludwig couldn’t help but smile at the way you could act so natural already, even if you weren’t living where you usually were. In all honesty, he was a little wary in asking you to stay with him, after all this was the first time he had done something like this. Everyone knew he wasn’t very good with... people, as a general rule, but his social awkwardness and his intimidating aura managed to recede whenever he was confronted with your presence.

    “Did you get your zhings unpacked?” he managed to ask, his baby blue eyes connecting with yours.

    You inwardly winced. You knew you were supposed to be doing something... You must have been unpacking your books and found the one now lying on the loveseat cushion. You let out a feeble laugh, “I may have gotten distracted...”

    An eyebrow was raised by the German in front of you as he moved a hand from behind his back, grasping your book. “Vizh zhis?”

    You sighed. You really should have known that his rather tidy habits would have caused him to pick up anything that didn’t belong in any area of his house. Letting your (e/c) irises drift off to the side you muttered a confirmation as you took the book from his hands.

    You expected a sigh of some sort, maybe even just a turn of the heel and a slightly exasperated walk away from you, but what you got was a slight chuckle, one that you had managed to fall in love with. Your eyes moved upwards to see one of Ludwig’s rare smiles on his face, one that made his eyes shine in a sweet, happy way, and one you usually couldn’t help but to mirror. He really couldn’t help himself around you, small little actions like this that might annoy him if it was anyone else just managed to make him laugh. Perhaps it was the way you always seemed to get a little embarrassed every time you saw yourself getting distracted, and the way you could get defensive if you were pushed too much about it.

    “Don’t vorry, I can help you,” his large, gloved hand released his dog, allowing it to race off out the back door to run around with the rest of Ludwig’s dogs. “It shouldn’t take zhat long if ve bozh vork on it.”

    You let a small smile dawn on your face, darting your hand out to grasp his, enjoying the look of surprise that flashed on his face momentarily. “Thanks, Luddy,” you let out in a sing-song voice, enjoying how you were the only one who could call him that.

    Rolling his eyes, Ludwig felt his grip on your hand tighten as he looked down, scanning your face, wanting to just look at you for a moment. Your (h/l) (h/c) locks framed your face in, what he thought, an alluring way, and your eyes managed to make him pause for a split second every time he connected with them. You were... confusing to him, in the way that you made him feel. He knew it was affection of course, he had shared enough quick kisses with you to realize that, but every day, when he looked at you he felt the feeling grow. It was... changing, morphing. He didn’t think this change was bad... In fact it was this change that prompted him to ask you to move in with him, he just needed to figure out what it was.

    He knew, of course, what it was. He just didn’t want to admit it, because over the many many years of his life he had seen too much heartbreak to allow himself to slip down this slope too fast. But... a part of him always remained curious. What would it be like if he let himself slip? If, for just a moment, he gave into these emotions. Could he draw back afterwards? Or would it be permanent, like a scar or tattoo? Suddenly, though, he decided he might as well take a chance. He let himself, for just a moment, slip into a frame of mind that was accepting. Yes, say that he did... love you. Say that he never wanted to let you go because that simple action would break his heart in a way that he knew would never be able to be fixed.

    You found yourself suddenly halted, Ludwig’s grip on your hand tight. Turning to look at him, confusion on your face, managing to see just a moment of his face, changed. He looked... more calm than usual, somehow more aware. And then his lips were on yours, smooth, but rough, slowly moving against yours, which were more than willing to kiss back. His hands were on your waist, drawing you close to him as he kissed you, and your hands looped around his neck, loving this feeling of closeness.

    Suddenly, though. He broke away, his face again a mask, not showing anything that was running through his head. He had tried... He had let himself slip into this frame of mind and he needed a moment to draw himself back, to remind himself not to take it too fast. A pink tinge to his cheeks, he muttered something of an apology, beginning to separate from you, but you wouldn’t let him go. You smiled, pecking his lips. “Don’t apologize...” you whispered, finally allowing him to go, your arms dropping to your sides.

    His blush possibly worsened at that and he tried to distract himself, heading to a few of your stray boxes, opening them and starting to sift through the contents. You knew he had withdrawn from you, both physically and mentally, but you couldn’t help yourself. You smiled. You saw it in his eyes and you felt it in his kiss. He loved you... You knew it, he didn’t have to say it. Not right now, anyway. You looked down at your book, pausing as you let yourself remember the kiss, before you held the novel to your chest, looking at the back of your German. It was then that you suddenly realized... If this man, if this wonderful, honest, man could love you in the way you were sure you could love him... then perhaps it was possible that your life could be even better than some silly story. In fact, you were sure of it.
So this is a request/trade thing for :iconbriarfox13: in which she asked for tea, books, and animals to be included. Hope I did well~ ^^

Anyway. In this I tried to focus mainly on giving the reader both something of a plot as well as some cutesy fluff and kissing at the same time! Cause let's be honest, it is kind of nice to imagine~ Hope you guys like it! :D
Hetalia belongs to Himaruya Hidekaz.
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