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February 6


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    Everyone had told you that the romance in any relationship only lasted during the dating period, and that when you got married you could kiss that romance goodbye. They were wrong about that.

    You had been married for two years to the Spaniard of your dreams. Antonio... God, even thinking about him still made a smile appear on your face. Sometimes he would bring you breakfast in bed with no reason behind the action beside the fact that he could. It was only last month that he had taken you out to go dancing with him, buying you a new dress for the occasion.

    Then, people had told you that once you had children, you could tell the sex goodbye, because for the first few years you would barely have enough energy to kiss your spouse goodnight.

    You smirked as you felt the clean sheets twist around your bare body. You sure showed them, didn't you?

    Your head was rested on Antonio's bare chest, your ear pressed to his skin so you could hear his steady, reliant heartbeat as his lightly calloused fingers (that you assumed were calloused only because he enjoyed strumming on his guitar so often) ran through your (h/l) (h/c) locks.

    "You are fantastic," he murmured, pressing his lips lovingly to your temple as you giggled quietly, twisting a leg around one of his own.

    A hum buzzed behind your lips before you spoke, your tone sleepy and light. "I love you." Anyone would be able to hear the smile in your voice, even if they weren't looking at you.

    Antonio grinned down at you, his shaggy brown bedhead dipping in front of his eyes just slightly. "And I love you."

    You sighed, closing your eyes as you again rested your head on his muscular chest, your fingers tracing small circles on his tan skin. You could easily fall asleep now. The air around you was quiet and calm, and with Antonio's arms around you, you were sure that you were slowly being lowered into unconsciousness.

    And then you were suddenly awake.

    You heard the quiet sounds of laughter coming from your living room.

    You perked up for a moment, confused before your sleepy mind was finally able to comprehend just what was going on. You smiled, looking up towards the bright green eyes of your husband. "Sounds like the kids are up," you laughed, hugging his waist as you felt him do the same to you.

    It was Sunday, so it was a given that your children would be up, their blankets and pillows scattered on the floor, pajamas still on, and the early morning cartoons on. You shook your head, pulling the covers up towards your chin.

    "Too early," you groaned, hiding your smile under the covers. "How are those kids up if they have my DNA?"

    You felt Antonio's chest rumble. "I've always been an early riser, mi bonita chica. Maybe they take after their father."

    You peeked your head out of the covers just long enough to stick your tongue out at him, smirking. "Definitely not. They're normal."

    Antonio only rolled his eyes, bending his head down for a moment to peck your lips before he rolled out of bed, walking towards his dresser. You smirked, rolling onto your stomach, kicking your legs in the air as you watched his naked form move as he slipped on his boxers. He slipped on one of his oversized shirt, raking his fingers through his shaggy, sandy brown hair, shooting you one of his innocent grins. "Are you getting up?"

    You smiled, sitting up in bed, drawing the covers up with you. "Maybe..."

    Antonio's grin suddenly morphed into a smirk, and before you really knew what was happening, he was in front of you, pushing you back down onto the bed, a hand placed on either side of your body, caging you down. "As much as I love to see you with nothing on..." He trailed sweet, slow kisses down your bare neck as he spoke. "You might want to get dressed for breakfast..."

    You smiled, slowly raking your fingers through his hair. "Well... Alright."

    And suddenly his warm body was gone, leaving you with a pout on your lips. He chuckled at your expression, walking towards the door. "I'll start breakfast." He sent a flirty wink your way, smiling as he quickly ducked out of your bedroom, closing the door behind him.

    You took a moment to smile, listening as the two of your kids squealed as Antonio no doubt ran into the room, tickling them to better wake them up. Eventually, you got out of bed, pulling on an old t-shirt and some sweatpants.Although only moments ago you had dreaded leaving the warmth of your bed because you knew you would have to set foot onto the cold floors of your house, but now that you could clearly hear the happy giggles of your three year old twins accompanied by the deep chuckle of your husband, nothing made you want to get out of bed and see them more.

    You practically ran to your door, throwing it open and looking down the length of your hallway, being able to see just a sliver of your living room, but that was enough room for you to get a glimpse of just what was going on. You could see Antonio, with both of your babies climbing on his legs, trying their best to tackle him, but failing horribly, seeing as only moments later you saw Antonio wrestle them to the ground, tickling their sides, making them grin and kick and squeal.

    You smiled, slowly making your way down the hall. Your romantic life was completely intact, as was your sex life, and you had the most perfect of families. Resting a hand briefly on your stomach, you inwardly smirked, wondering just how your perfect family would react when they found out that there would soon be another addition to your family.
Alright, so I have been very busy with all of this school work, and I'm taking college credit classes, and some creative writing classes to keep all of you beautiful people happy, so I hope you can excuse the inactivity~ I thought that since I had some time, I would start chipping away at my commissions. If you look at my front page, you can see the list has grown a bit...
This commission is for :iconthatonefic: who wanted a cute little fanfiction that portrayed Spain as a cute daddy figure~ She wanted the babies to be little Romano and Italy, but I left the kids nameless, so you guys can let your imagination wander~ 
I know this particular story doesn't have that much plot, but I think these kind of fics are so relaxing~ You just get to imagine curling up in a wonderful husband's arms, and then waking up to the cute little giggles of your little babies~ I just hope you guys and :iconthatonefic: enjoy may take on her commission. XD

Coming up next is a ScotlandxReader fic that I am almost done with. It should be posted by tonight, I just need to work out a few awkward sentences...
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